My interest in classic cars started back in 1953, so it will be a long story. Therefore, I will stick to the main events. In the Summer of 1956 – at the age of just 14 – I became a trainee at Nordisk Diesel in Copenhagen.

After 2 years as an assistant mechanic, and 2 years with the military, I married my wife Hanne in 1963 (and we are still married). We moved to Års in the middle of Jutland where I was employed at Mercedes-Benz; the last 3 years of which I had the function of foreman. In 1970 we bought a garage in Klejtrup, and since then I have repaired/worked with vintage and classic cars.

My Mercedes On the 25th of January 1980 I purchased a Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet B., type: W 142. 3.4, model 1938 – chassis no. 434 801. It was produced in Mannheim. After 11 years of restoration and historical research the car was finally operational, and since then we have driven 112,000 kilometers, approx. 70.000 miles in it. In 1991, when the car had its registration plates, Danmarks Radio and TV (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) contacted me and pointed out that my car might be identical to the car in which Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated.

My car had the same damage as Reinhard Heydrich’s had at the assassination, it is the same year, and it has the same equipment and accessories, and bear in mind the small production number: 34 cars distributed on 10 coachworks. Mercedes-Benz produced only one of these cars fitted with the full amount of equipment and accessories; it was supposed to be a demonstration model and used as sales material.

However, it was confiscated by the German troops. This is the very car that I own. If you look at “Karrosseriproduktion Werk Mannheim” the car does not appear. This is due to the fact that the war “intervened” and the car was never registered. If you compare with the production sheets, then the car in the Prague museum has no. A 191 160, it is supposed to be a cabriolet A, short model, but?...

My car is number 434 801. I have the production enclosures such as the actual and expected production as well as the number of cars produced. I also have the existing papers such as the repair manual, spare part lists, production lists, service information, sales brochures and press information, all as photocopies.